NeoPro Announces Larger Tahoe-Veo™ System Plus iPad App

Chicago, IL, May 17, 2014 – NeoPro unveiled an updated Tahoe system today at the National Restaurant Association show in McCormick Center in Chicago. Dubbed Tahoe-Veo™, the new video distribution system is targeted towards sports bars and restaurants, and has several new features.

Where the previous Tahoe could support 24 source inputs and up to 80 TVs, the new Tahoe-Veo supports up to 112 TVs, all over low cost Cat5 cable. “Many of these racks are tight, so we managed to keep it all in the same 6RU form factor”, states Bill Paul, CEO.

However the most visually appealing part of the upgrades is the LCD preview monitor tucked neatly under the black front panel. The 10.1″ panel, when off, is not visible, and sits behind the acrylic glossy front panel. There is no bezel or anything showing. Then, when the panel turns on, it appears out of the blackness for a very slick look. “The panel is there so that the bar management can preview one of the sources, and do things like change channels, use the receivers guide menu prior to routing that video to any of the TVs viewable to the bar customers”, adds Paul.

NeoPro’s final unveil was with their new BarBoss for iPad app. BarBoss can manage the switching and routing of all of the video throughout the bar or restaurant, as well as audio selection and volume, when using a NeoPro audio preamp. The interface is very easy to use, so that bar and restaurant staff can quickly figure it out with little to no training. Managers and system integrators can customize the source and TVs names, as well as set volume maximums, and lockout users from the setup and configuration.

To enable the Tahoe to communicate with their BarBoss iPad app, NeoPro has partnered with Global Caché to tap into their expertise in Ethernet communications adapters. “Using Global Caché as the link from our equipment to the customers network was an easy decision, and gives us reliable communications and easy setup”, adds Bill Paul.

NeoPro is demonstrating the fully working solution in McCormick Center in booth 6778. Sales inquiries can be sent to or 619-258-2000.

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